Waterproof flooring in a Belleview, FL family home

What is trending in waterproof flooring?

While waterproof flooring is a trend of its own, you'll find that there are many trends inside this flooring niche that can upgrade your décor and keep you current for years to come. Read along with today's post to learn more about it and how it can benefit your home.

Trendy waterproof flooring is terrific to have in place

You’ll find many of the same trends in waterproof flooring that you currently see in hardwood, stone, and porcelain tile, such as the stunning appearance of all-natural materials. In addition, the grain patterns, textures, colors, and formats found in these products can be reproduced in waterproof vinyl flooring with incredible accuracy, and they are trendier than you might think.

For instance, in the wood look trends, you'll find whitewash, blonde, and high variation color trends, as well as textured surfaces such as hand-scraped or distressed finishes. Likewise, stone-look materials feature the appearance of marble or granite, high variation, and fantastic color combinations for every room.

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