Flooring: the love of a lifetime

Flooring: the love of a lifetime

When you search for the perfect new floors, you'll find many different lifespan choices. Depending on your chosen product, you'll discover lifespans ranging from five to more than 100 years.

You'll find a perfect match no matter how long you need your flooring to last. Here are some floors and their lifespans that might work for you.

Short to medium lifespan options

Depending on your chosen features, you'll find carpets that last as little as five years. These are often used in multi-family homes and areas where flooring changes are expected.

For lifespans of 10 to 15 years, visit our flooring company for sheet vinyl, laminate, and particular luxury vinyl floors. You'll get complete waterproof protection and excellent wear resistance, but you can still replace the flooring when you want.

Longer lifespan options

Longer lifespans mean you can enjoy your flooring choices longer, with just as much beauty and protection. These floors are perfect in spaces where you want your flooring to remain for decades.

Consider high-quality luxury vinyl flooring for lifespans of up to 20 years and engineered hardwood for up to 30 years. New floors like tile flooring can give you more than 50 years, with exceptional performance.

Consider natural stone or solid hardwood flooring when you need floors that never need replacing. Once these materials are in place, they could last more than 100 years.

Let us help you find the perfect flooring

When ready to shop for the perfect materials, visit ANW Flooring whenever you're in the area. Our associates will help you find a product with the lifespan you want and need.

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